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Make Your Summer Holiday Amazing With WaterSports Makarska

Watersports Makarska has the most experienced and knowledgeable staff on the island. We always make the extra effort in having the latest and greatest equipment for our customers. Our equipment is inspected and maintained every day, because your safety is our No 1 priority.

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Our watersport offer

Jet - ski from 40 €

Jet skiing is the most popular and trending activity you will find yourself doing in Makarska.

Parasailingfrom 50 €

Made with fried chicken or salmon, combined with sour-sweet sauce.

Banana from 14 €

This timeless classic perfect for large groups or families that wish to ride together, suitable for all ages, definitely one to try if you have not already done so.

Banana slider from 14 €

Come with your partner, your children or your friends and we insure you your safety and we are ready to listen to your instructions. Thumbs up - Faster. Thumbs Down - Slower.

Crayz UFO from 14 €

Feel the adrenaline rush on our Crazy UFO Ride! This inflatable object with the shape of a couch will bring you unforgettable 10 minutes sensation.

Aquatwister from 16 €

This amazing outdoor activity it’s the perfect activity for both adults and children alike. Try to smile, we will be taking pictures of you!